Roving reporter Nicola interviewed Secret-lover Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt.  

Depending on which way you're looking at me, I'm somewhere in the middle of blue and green. My waters are very warm, sometimes even hot, except in the winter when they can become cold.  

I like to be present and stay in the moment, observing what’s happening around me. Being who I really am, without barriers or boundaries.

Right now, not much is going on except, strangely, I've been losing a lot of things. Several of my fish friends have been missing for a while. Where are all the tuna, dolphins, and sharks going? They keep disappearing. Fish disappeared before but now it’s happening more frequently. And I don’t get what is going on. I feel a bit robbed and upset.

Mediterranean Sea speaks


A witness down the centuries

What haven’t I seen? It's been incredible. Nowadays there's so much more migration and many more people traveling over me. A lot of hustle and bustle, which makes me feel less alone.

What you might not know about me is that I have big hidden treasures buried underneath my waters. Take for example the sunken palace of Queen Cleopatra hidden 5 meters below in the harbour of Alexandria. People say it is one of the richest excavation sites found in this area.

I love it when tourists come and go diving under my waters to look at the remains of this once glorious complex. You can still find ceremonial gateways, ornate statues, and two preserved sphinxes. Simply gorgeous.

When people rise to the surface, their faces shine with astonishment. They're simply amazed at what they've seen! I don't think anything else could match that expression on their faces, being in touch with that part of history. Although everyone has their own interpretation of what happened at that time, I’m one of the few that lived it. I was there, through thick and thin. There are so many secrets I could tell you.

I loved Cleopatra. She was so entertaining. There was never a dull moment when she was around. She always came to swim in my waters. What a great time that was! She was such a strong character. She knew how to rule the country. She really did. And her stunning beauty meant that people would travel long distances over me just to see her. So of course there was a lot of jealousy around her.

For me, Cleopatra’s always been here, her palace, her achievements and her whole way of life remain with me. She's never left me.

Anna speaks to Mediterranean Sea

You make me feel safe and warm. Whenever I'm with you I feel peace and the magic of your ancient energy.

Mediterranean Sea was interpreted by

Anna Tammela, actor and performer, who has a nostalgic connection to that stretch of the sea opposite Alexandria where her father's family is from. She recalls, “I have many happy childhood memories of fun times swimming and fishing. It’s an ancient connection, a feeling of being carefree. I've swum in other seas, but they're not the same. Recently, I had the time of my life soaking for hours in its warm waters until I shrivelled into a prune.”

Cover photo edited. Original by Michael Tyler.