Roving reporter Nicola interviewed Pretty-Face Oak Tree from the banks of Prittlewell Brook in West-Cliff-on-Sea, Essex, England.

Last week there was a storm and one of my branches dropped down into the brook. Now it’s in the water. Then a funny thing happened. A duck swam past and bashed its head on my branch!

I have really pretty patterns on the outside of me, on my bark. These patterns are like my skin. They are the lines of my face. I have an excited face.  I have lots of leaves and, it’s a bit weird, I also have a flower growing on me.

I am really, really, tall. I can see all the birds flying. If you were to climb me, you would be really high up. It makes you feel you know a lot more about the world because you see more.

You need trees to breathe. So don’t chop me down.

Pretty-Face Oak Tree speaks


Oak Tree was interpreted by

Heidi Rose Poyser, aged 9 at the time of this interview, who passed her favourite tree everyday on the way to school.

Heidi says to Oak Tree

I really like how you look. You’re so beautiful and tall.

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Heidi was invited by her aunt Joanne Huff and says, “We both have a really big sweet tooth and drive my mum mad when we’re together.”

Cover photo edited. Original by Pacific Southwest Forest Service.