Roving reporter Emilie interviewed Glittering Euglossa, the Orchid Bee, from the jungle of Cuentepec in Morelos, Mexico.

I live alone and not in a colony. I’m one month old and have just emerged from my nest and begun to fly with my shiny wings. But you really have to watch carefully to keep track of me.

I fly super fast. You’ve probably never seen a bee go as fast as me.

The sound of how fast I bat my wings lets you know I’m coming, even if you can’t see me. I like to fly in triangle patterns because it helps me to explore my surroundings and find the lovely smells that attract me.

I’m so pretty and friendly. Green-blue iridescent. If the light shines on me I’ll be green and if I’m in the shade I’ll be blue. I shimmer as I fly by.

Euglossa the Orchid Bee speaks


Right now I’m excited because the sun is up and the days are getting warmer. I do not make honey. I’m a pollinator and so it’s nice to go out and fly and look for flowers and oils. I try to get as much essential oils as I can into my body. Orchids are my specialty but I’m also super attracted to clove and vanilla. Orchids need me to reproduce so I’m an essential part of the huge chain of the jungle’s eco-system.

Stop and notice little things more often. And be kind. When you’re kind to yourself and everyone else, life is brighter.

I always smell really nice

I first met Ame when she came into my jungle to study native tropical bees. I was one of the first she ever saw. You will not find my species anywhere else in the world, other than the jungles and dry forests of the American continent.

Ame got so excited she started screaming. She had never seen such a pretty green-blue one like me before. Ame had a little tissue with clove oil on it. I’m very curious and not scared of people and so I flew directly towards her, following the scent of the clove. I flew right in front of her face. She caught me with her bee net. She was very careful and kind so I wasn’t afraid. She smelled me, which was weird. As a bee I would never have never imagined to be sniffed by a human. But since I collect so many essential oils I always smell really nice.

Ame and I felt really connected. My lifespan is short. I only live for two to four months, so I reminded Ame how short life really is.

Euglossa was interpreted by

Ameyalli Hernández Márquez (Ame) who is currently researching the effect of climate change on bees for her masters. When she first met Euglossa she was mesmerized by her colour and speed, “when a bit of sunlight hit her, it was pure magic. It was like seeing glitter fly by.”

Ame says to Euglossa

Kindness shifts your whole perspective. It’s easy and it’s free. You showed me that life is short. It’s all about caring and kindness.

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Ame was invited by Emilie Mai. They met when Ame was preparing Mexican Tinga Tacos for dinner and bonded over a love of spicy food.

Cover photo edited. Original by Bob Peterson.