Roving reporter Emilie interviewed Dreamy Valerian Plant speaking softly from a sunny herb garden in Creekmoor, Dorset.  

My name is Valeriana. I’m very pretty. I have big green flexible leaves that have a waxy sheen that makes them shine in the sunlight. Tall hollow stems support my delicate umbels of white and pink flowers that give off a subtle fragrance and make me a lovely addition to anyone’s garden.

I’m used in perfume but am mostly known for my medicinal roots. My roots have a very pungent scent to them. You either love their scent or you hate it. In folklore it is said that my roots were hidden in the pockets of the Pied Piper. You remember the story of how he was able to lure away the rats from Hamlin. Cats also really love my smell. They find it more appealing than catnip.

The Good Sleep*

Throughout the generations it’s been known that I’m effective for aiding sleep. My root extracts, put into pills or powder, can be taken holistically as a gentle remedy, creating a natural easing of sleep. When used in the right quantities I can even help with insomnia.

Valerian Plant Speaks


Releasing anger and anxiety

There’s a lot of potential in my chemistry, which scientists are working on. Although I’m seen as more of a folk remedy, I can really help people with anxiety by bringing about a general sense of wellbeing.  I’m often found growing with hops, and other soothing plants such as lemon balm and chamomile, which enhance my abilities.

In folklore it is said that if I’m thrown at two lovers who are quarrelling, I will instantly soothe their agitation and quell the fighting. This is because I’m really helpful in dissipating anger in people’s hearts and restoring calm.  

Valeriana was interpreted by

Bryony Lambert, a student of plant science who says, “It was the sense of dreaminess about the plant which made me first fall in love with it, and why Valerian became the first medicinal plant in my herb garden.

Bryony speaks to Valeriana

It can be so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life’s pressures and stresses. Look to nature. There’s a lot there that can help you.

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Bryony Lambert was invited by Emilie Mai. They first met when Bryony’s landlady invited Emilie over for cheesecake and elderflower gin.

Cover photo edited. Original by Freerange Archives.

*Medical advice should be taken before using valerian.