Roving reporter Nicola interviewed Emotional RuPaul, the Siamese Killer Fish, from his small square tank in Tooting, England.

I’m about six months old, a bright electric blue. And as I move my fins turn from blue to red.

I live alone and am quite shy. My home is beautifully decorated with a nice pink rock and a couple of plants that have been lovingly positioned so I have a place to hide.

My early morning wake up call is when the light comes on and people are making coffee. Sometimes I like to be friendly and approach them as they enter the room. I swim towards them and say, “good morning!”

OK, I don’t like to admit it but I’m moody. I have a bit of a split personality. Sometimes I get really angry. The scariest thing for me is when my tank gets cleaned out. I get furious when they lift me out. I also hate it when my tank gets dirty and feel really annoyed. You can also tell when I’m sad because I just disappear to the bottom of the tank. I stay there and refuse to come to the top and acknowledge you.

RuPaul the Killer Fish speaks


Bubbles make the world go round

I like to make bubbles at the top of my tank. It’s how I show you that I'm happy. It’s nice for people to know when I’m in a good mood.

My little bubble nests look like caviar. It’s where the eggs would go if I had a mate. But I can’t have any friends in my tank because I’d get aggressive and eat them. When I get full my tummy bloats like crazy.

RuPaul was interpreted by

Kate Strudwick, a multidisciplinary designer, who shares a house with this killer fish but he actually belongs to her roommate.

Kate says to RuPaul

You’re so beautiful but from day to day I don’t know what mood you’re going to be in.

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Kate was invited by Nicola Gale at a biotech event in London, England, where she and her co-designers were showcasing a prototype of their beautifully-designed Cyanobacteria air purifier.

Cover photo edited. Original by Kate Strudwick.